The Science of SmartGrow

SmartGrow is an all-natural, hair mat that accelerates healthy plant-growth, reduces water use, and eliminates use of toxic chemicals.

A patented solution, SmartGrow is a breakthrough in natural gardening with over 3 million units sold. By employing SmartGrow, gardeners can enjoy larger, healthier, greener, more beautiful plants without relying on harsh herbicides, expensive pest-deterrents, and with minimized fertilizer use.

The SmartGrow effect. Left - without SmartGrow, right - with SmartGrow


Environment friendly

When applying fertilizer, the SmartGrow mat captures some of the nutrients that otherwise would seep through when watering or during rain-fall. These nutrients will slowly be released over time.
Also, as the SmartGrow mat slowly biodegrades, it releases its own nitrogen and other natural, essential nutrients. Result: Reduction of the amount of fertilizer required.

Eliminate toxic chemical usage

The mat acts as an effective weed barrier and precludes the majority of weeds from taking hold. Result: Elimination of the need for herbicides.

Reduced water consumption - up to 33%

During watering, or when it rains, water seeps through the soil and saturates the hair fibers. SmartGrow acts as an effective water retention device. Water from the mat is released to the roots as the soil dries. Result: Reduction of watering need by approx. 33%

Natural pest deterrent

The all-natural hair-fiber mat is a natural deterrent to many animals that would love to devour your plants and crops, including deer and rodents.

Without and with SmartGrow
with and without smartgrow


Increased crop yield

In tests SmartGrow has proven to increase tomato and pepper yields by 30% or more.

 SmartGrow commercial application


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